One of My Favorite Flowers



TulipTree AKA Yellow Poplar


Liriodendron tulipifera

Currently in bloom is one of my favorite flowers. The flower of the tulip tree. And it is blooming now, but not for long. In my experience they only bloom for about a week or so. They have large odd green yellow and orange cup shaped flowers.  Nothing quite like them (other than one Chinese relative of the plant‡, but I will not get into that) The leaves are also very unusual, like the flowers nothing quite like them. The bark is rough and the fruit is a brown cone like thing.†† And the tree is huge, one of the largest in our region, the tallest being nearly 190ft (60m)!‡ Though I am not sure where that particular tree is.

It is rather uncommon, and found throughout southern New England, which is the northern limit of the tree’s range,† and likes to grow in moist soils often in valley floors.†

Despite it’s name, the tulip tree is actually a kind of magnolia.†



† Little, Elbert L. “National Audubon Society Field Guide to Trees of North America”pg 436-7. 1980 Chantilier Press

‡ 08Jun2016



All Photos are mine


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