Six Spotted Green Tiger Beetle



Cicindela sexguttata†

Walking through the trails in open and semi-open areas, you might notice a bright green gem flying and landing on a rock or running across the ground. These little gems, only about a 1/2 inch long move quickly, both trying to catch prey and avoid you. Still, if you are a safe distance, they will sit still long enough for a picture, but get too close, and they take off. They can be found throughout most of New England‡‡

Notice those big jaws, perfect for catching small invertebrates for food.† And although they look fearsome, and have been known to bite, they are, according to my source,  apparently harmless‡.They are found throughout most of the region.‡‡


†Alden, Peter “National Audubon Field Guide to New England” pg 209. 1998 Chanticleer Press


‡08JUN2016 08JUN2016


Photo credit: me


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